The Special Education Department of the Mountain Home School District services
about 10% of the total school population.  The district currently employs 25 special 
education teachers including five speech therapists, self-contained teachers,         
resource teachers, an indirect consultant, and a supervisor.  The classified staff
includes hearing impaired interpreters, aides, paraprofessionals, and two secretaries.
The Special Education office is located at 1230 South Maple in Mountain Home, AR. 

The office telephone number is 870-425-1247.

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The following services are available from Kindergarten through High School:

Regular class with indirect services

Regular class with pull-out services K- 6 grade

Regular class with co-teaching instruction 7 - 12 grade

Self-contained placement (special class services)

Speech and language therapy

Instruction in sign language for hearing impaired students

If you are moving to Mountain Home from another district, parents should
provide the district with the following information prior to or upon enrollment
at school:

1.  Individual Education Plan (most current)

2.  Evaluations (most current)

3.  Most recent Annual Review paperwork

4.  Transcript or last Report Card

5.  Social History (family/medical information)

6.  Any other related data that would assist the personnel in appropriate programming

Special Education Faculty

Debbie Atkinson, Director of Special Education -- 425-1247


Jackie Bolt, Resource, Kindergarten -- 425-1256

Suz Brechnitz, Indirect Consultant 425-1215

Rachel Nikki Bryant, Speech Pathologist -- 425-1251

Marcie Burnham, Speech Pathologist -- 425-1288

Jennifer Burnley, Self-Contained, Pinkston Middle School-- 425-1236

Rebecca Camp, Resource, Pinkston Middle School -- 425-1236

Julie Carter, Resource, Hackler-- 425-1288   

Mike Cully, Co-Teaching High School -- 425-1215

Jill Czanstkowski, Co-Teaching, Junior High -- 425-1231

Jeri Dotson, Co-Teaching, High School-- 425-1215

Beth Goodwin, Co-Teaching, High School -- 425-1215

Lyn Keaster, Resource, Pinkston Middle School -- 425-1236

David Luttrell, Co-Teaching, Junior High--425-1231

Marsha Lyon, Self-Contained, Hackler-- 425-1288

Everett Middleton, Self-Contained, Pinkston 425-1236

Dianne Montgomery, Self-Contained, Nelson-Wilks-Herron -- 425-1251

Danny Osburne, Co-Teaching, High School -- 425-1215

Patty Osburne, Resource, Hackler-- 425-1288

Ginger Parker, Self-Contained, Junior High -- 425-1231

Nora Regan, Self-Contained, High School--425-1215

Jennie Riley, Resource, Nelson-Wilks-Herron -- 425-1251

Dana Sitkowski, Speech Pathologist -- 425-1251

Gigi Sykes, Speech Pathologist -- 425-1256

Lisa Thaxton, Resource, Nelson-Wilks-Herron -- 425-1251

Jan Wainscott, Speech Therapist 425-1288     




Distinguished Teacher in Special Education - awarded by the Arkansas

Federation Council for Exceptional Children - 1995

Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year - 1999

KTLO Teacher of the Week - 2003

Keep Arkansas Beautiful - certificate of appreciation for recycling &

waste reduction - 2005

Weyerhaeuser Inc. Foundation - State Award of Excellence - 2005

Arkansas Department of Education - Learn and Serve Program

of the Year - 2005

Keep Arkansas Beautiful - Certificate of appreciation for recycling

& waste reduction - 2006

Keep Arkansas Beautiful - Meritorious Award - 2006

American Forest & Paper Association - National Award - 2006

The Special Educator State Magazine - Cover and Feature

Article - 2006

Featured in AETN Special - "You're Hired" 2009


Richard Padgett "Extra Mile" Award, 2009



If you suspect a disability please click the image below for more information.



There are no positions available at this time.


For additional information or questions, contact Debbie Atkinson at 425-1247.