Hackler Intermediate School


Sondra Monger, Principal

Cassy Barnhill, Assistant Principal

Kevin Roach, Assistant Principal




We are very proud to have our school named after Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hackler.

Mrs. Hackler served as an English teacher until she became the first Curriculum Director for our district. Mr. Hackler served as a math teacher, counselor, and assistant principal in our school district. He was then a superintendent in a neighboring district. Following his retirement, Mr. Hackler served on the Arkansas State Board of Education for several years. Through the years, the Hacklers have remained constant encouragers of education. They are dedicated to education, believe in the future of our children, they have been generous with their time, and they genuinely care for kids.



"We are proud of our students’ accomplishments not only for their “fame and fortune” but also for the people they have become."(Evelyn Hackler)

Hackler Intermediate School Staff Directory
Name Grade Position   Name Grade Position
Cash, Pam 3 Teacher   Holmes, Zechariah 3,4,5 ALE Para
Childress, Cindy 3 Teacher   Bentley, Samantha 4,5 Music Teacher
Dibble, Sharon 3 Teacher   Carter, Julie 3,4 Sped Teacher
Dwyer, Eloise 3 Teacher   Ethridge, Jessica 3,4,5 Intervention Para
Gaston, Jana 3 Teacher   Riley, Jeanie 3,4,5 Special Education
Johnson, Roxanne 3 Teacher   Brooke Rogers 4,5 PE Teacher
Kohler, Mariah 3 Teacher   Hendricks, Blake 5 PE Teacher
Lawrence, Judy 3 Teacher   Kaiser, Rick 3,4,5 Sped Para Mild to Mod
Paden, Melanie 3 Teacher   Lassen, Naomi 3,4,5 ELL Teacher
Smith, Gena 3 Teacher   Lee, Danielle 3,4,5 Self-Cont Mod to Sev
Spivey, Wendy 3 Teacher   Love, Mandee 5 DARE Teacher
Wescoat, Amber 3 Teacher   Mohler, Sherry 3,4 MusicTeacher
Whiteaker, Bailey 3 Teacher   Morris, Christina 3,4,5 ALE Teacher
Zwicker, Deb 3 Teacher   Morris, Kara 4,5 Art Teacher
Belk, Sharon 4 Teacher   Morrison, Reba 3,4 Computer Lab
Coddington, Elsa 4 Teacher   Nichols, Kathy 3,4,5 Intervention Para
Michelle Clark 4 Teacher   Osburne, Patricia 5 Sped Teacher
Tracy Webers 4 Teacher   Osmon, Dwana 3 PE Teacher
Kincade, Lindsay 4 Teacher   Parrack, Mary Beth 3,4,5 Sped Para
Madison, Teresa 4 Teacher   Partney, Marsha 3,4,5 GT Teacher
Martin, Becca 4 Teacher   Pevril, Clint 3,4 Art Teacher
Norcross, Dora 4 Teacher   Polm, VeDeana 3,4,5 Special Education
Penrose, Barbara 4 Teacher   Reding, Susie 3,4,5 Media Para
Pope, Michelle 4 Teacher   Riley, Jennie 3,4,5 Sped intervention
Sherry, Gianna 4 Teacher   Steiner, Melissa 3,4,5 Media Specialist
Strider, Laura 4 Teacher        
Adamson, Melody 5 Teacher   Dolyle, Dorothy 3,4,5 SpeechTeacher
Budolfson, Patty 5 Teacher   Teague, Leslie 3 SpeechTeacher
Caldwell, Pat 5 Teacher   Sinks, Gladys 3,4,5 Cafeteria Manager
Ditto, Lynette 5 Teacher   Jones, Elizabeth 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Goeke, Tammy 5 Teacher   Martin, Debbie 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Harris, Beverly 5 Teacher   Tharp, Staci 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Mahmud, Dixie 5 Teacher   Kunz, Janet 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Markowski, Pat 5 Teacher   Warford, Sheryl 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Roper, Justine 5 Teacher   Stopher, Linda 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Swearingen, Kim 5 Teacher   Open Position 3,4,5 Cafeteria Cook
Villiger, Becky 5 Teacher   Dixon, Karen 3,4,5 Café Duty person
Wilhite, Beverly 5 Teacher   Manuel, Belinda 3,4,5 Café Duty person
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